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The World's Finest Art Collections Feature Eli Wilner Period Frames

Eli Wilner Frames "Washington Crossing the Delaware" for the Met.

Eli Wilner & Company is proud to share their most important work to date, the hand-carved and gilded replica of the lost original frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The frame surrounding the iconic and monumental painting has an opening size of just over 12 x 21 feet and is surmounted by an elaborate construction twelve feet across, displaying an eagle at the center surrounded by flags, pikes, a banner and other regalia. The painting and its awe-inspiring frame is the focal point of the renovated American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Client Feedback

"Oh Eli . . . that frame.
Perfection. I'm actually speechless.
I thought I understood before. But now I really understand.
Wow. wow. wow. "

Arthur Cohen, CEO
LaPlaca Cohen

"One facet of the relationship is the incredible scholarship and the discerning eye Eli brings to the choice of just the right frame. There is no one who can make a frame recommendation with the same blend of historical accuracy, sensitivity, and discernment. The end result elevates the viewing experience and appreciation for the work of art. The Eli Wilner choice is truly an opportunity to transform a work of art in a way the original artist would have found inspirational. Artists of our own time have collaborated with Eli to frame their work in ways that become part of the art statement itself. Working with Eli is the artist's best kept secret.. "

Jim Dicke II, CEO
Crown Equipment Corporation

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