The White House Selected Frames

One of our most important projects is the framing of twenty-eight paintings for The White House, including artworks by Martin Johnson Heade, Worthington Whittredge, William Merritt Chase, John Singer Sargent, Severin Roesen and a painting by Childe Hassam that hangs in the Oval Office.

It all started with the Childe Hassam painting that hangs in the Oval Office. You frequently see photos of the President near the painting. We proceeded to create an additional 28 frames which were paid for by The White House. The curator who was in charge at the time was Betty Monkman, who has since retired. Mr. Wilner traveled to the White House frequently during this time period. It was one of the great honors of Mr. Wilner and the company to be able to create these frames. The paintings had been given to the White House during the Kennedy Administration, but had been framed inappropriately in French-style reproduction frames. We re-created frames from the correct period for each painting.

Albert Bierstadt

Storm Clouds

Alfred Bricher

Castle Rock, Nahant, Massachusetts